Plans for cat cages and exercise wheels

Cat Cage Plan 1
1. Put a floor to ceiling screened door on one third end of cage. Be sure to put hardware cloth or 1" square rabbit wire on front so babies can't crawl out.
2. Put a solid door on toilet.
3. You can hang toys from ceilings for them to play with.
4. Holes in floors of cage are 12". Hole to toilet about same as nestbox hole.
5. Make a nest box about 16" cubed with a hole as an entrance. The top should be hinged for cleaning (See below). I put the nest box on the bottom floor. Cage is 6' high so they get exercise by jumping.

Kitty Treadmills
Get your local welder to make these for you.

for Catcage 1 (Shown above)
(Like the ones in a hamster cage)

52" diameter wheel * 3 1/2" tread

54" diameter wheel * 6" wide tread

Cat Cage Plan 2
6' high X 4' deep

C1978 Alva Irish

1. Circle is cut from plywood 4' across.

2. Put a gate on each level

3. Circle is hinged for easy cleaning.